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April 7-9, 2013
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ESOMAR will hold its annual Asia-Pacific conference, themed "Asia on the Move," on April 7-9 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. For more information visit

According to ESOMAR:

Asia-Pacific presents an anchor of stability and new pillar of growth for the global economy. While the severity of the financial crisis in the Western hemisphere has created headwinds, Asia-Pacific still continues to be the fastest-growing region.

This increased vitality and visibility is fuelling a powerful transition, one that has the potential to create a future defined by the region’s consumers, companies and cultures. The ability of market research to offer high value solutions that can sustain, stimulate and rebalance growth across the developed, developing and emerging markets in the region will be key.

Join ESOMAR, as we head to Vietnam for Asia-Pacific 2013. Recently reported as the region's star performer with the market doubling in size in the past five years, the country’s relatively young research market presents a hotbed of new opportunities and promise, providing the perfect backdrop for exploring Asia on the Move.

Capture the vibrancy, energy and dynamism of the region while learning firsthand of the advances and practical applications of research that are fuelling this momentum.


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