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July 30-31, 2013
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Burke Institute will hold a seminar focused on online research best practices and innovations on July 30-31 in Chicago. For more information visit

According to Burke:

The rules and guidelines for conducting research via the Internet continue to evolve. During this two-day seminar, get up to date with the most recent developments relating to Web surveys and other online marketing research. You will learn:

  • How to obtain and develop samples for Web surveys – and ways to reduce concerns that the people responding are not representative of the target population.

  • Ways to boost survey response and completion rates, including guidelines on e-mail invitations and use of incentives.

  • The different approaches your company can take with respect to survey design, programming and hosting – from doing it all in-house to working with full-service providers.

  • The nuts-and-bolts of writing effective online questionnaires, as well as new types of research that the Internet is making possible.

  • Implications of recent research on online research – including effects associated with survey length, questionnaire layout, and using different data collection methodologies.

  • How to decide when it is appropriate to migrate traditional research studies to the online environment and what to think about if you are considering “multi-mode” research.

  • How online reporting and analysis tools are changing the nature of data delivery.

  • When to consider online qualitative research, including in-depth interviews, bulletin board sessions and online focus groups.

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