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February 5 at noon CST, 2013
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QuestBack will host a complimentary one-hour Webinar, titled "The Three Methods of Developing Winning Concepts for the Experience Economy," on February 5 at noon CST. Darren Bosik will present. For more information visit

In today’s Age of the Customer where the consumer knows more and shares more about the brands they use, it’s more important than ever to test your new product or service ideas around the customer experience. Developing go-to-market and prospecting strategies through customer feedback will improve the chances that your concepts will win in the experience economy. Traditional concept testing research approaches don’t always guarantee success. Three methods, however, can help turn actionable and insightful customer feedback into long-term profits.

This Webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Emergence of Experience Economy: The movement from low-value commodity sales to purchases centered on experiences is changing the way marketers position their products and services.
  • Concept Development: Marketers should understand how to turn product and service ideas into testable concepts that can gain insights about how they will be used and experienced.
  • Testing Concepts: Three methodologies – conjoint analysis, concept testing, and means-end theory – provide valuable information about concept development. But they should be tailored to optimize feedback about customer experiences.
  • Online Concept Testing: Building online communities and panels of consumers is the best way to engage potential users of your new concepts.

Time will be left to answer your questions.

Can't attend? Register anyway and after the live event you will be sent a link to a recording of the event which you can view at your leisure.

Darren Bosik is senior methodologist at Questback, a Bridgeport, Conn., provider of enterprise feedback management software and customer research solutions. He has 15 years of experience in marketing research and advanced analytics and has held senior-level research positions at Gartner, Peppers and Rogers Group, Research International and NPD Group. He offers expertise in many facets of research science, including survey design, concept testing, voice of the customer strategies and CRM methodologies, such as customer lifetime value analysis and customer segmentation.

Joe Rydholm, Editor, Quirk's Marketing Research Review


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