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February 2-3, 2015
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Bogota, Colombia
NMSBA - Neuromarketing Science and Business Association

The Neuromarketing Science and Business Administration (NMSBA) will hold a conference, titled 'Neuromarketing Theory and Practice'' on February 2-3 in Bogota, Colombia.

For further information and to register, visit

According to NMSBA,

With this conference, It is the aim of the organize to educate (Day 1, Masterclass 'introduction to neuromarketing' by Steve Genco) and to show the possibilities of neuromarketing (Day 2, a national conference on neuromarketing). This national event on neuromarketing involve local keynotes and business cases.

The "Masterclass", led by Steve Genco, will help you connect the dots between science and practice.

- Introducing the intuitive consumer
- Six brain mechanisms behind consumer response
- Understanding attention, emotion, memory, and goals
- How consumers make decisions
- Overview of nine neuromarketing technologies
- Neuromarketing in action: when brains go online

This will be an intensive learning day designed to give you the tools you need to understand and leverage neuromarketing in your business or organization. 

The second day of the conference, themed "Consumer Insights from the Brain," will focus on best practices and applying neuromarketing in business and features top neuromarketing practitioners and keynote speakers on .

Who should attend?

Market researchers
Consumer Insight Professionals
...and everyone else who want to understand the real story behind neuromarketing and how it can help them make better business decisions.

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