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Incentive strategies for financial professionals

I'd be interested to hear what sort of incentive strategies have succeeded and/or failed for recruitment of both retail financial advisors and institutional investors.

We have traditionally used cash equivalents and, less frequently, small client-branded gifts. FINRA has several mandates dictating reseach compensation for blind and non-blind studies alike.

While the mention of the honorarium in the subject line has proven to be a catalyst, it's been a rather inconsistent, study-by-study learning as to what initiates response & interest in participation while aiming to avoid the conditioning of providing a $500 incentive for an hour-long interview.

Incentive strategies for financial professionals

The wealth management (WM) industry is facing a strategic shift in how it approaches compensation. As the independent registered investment advisor (RIA) channel grows and the current generation of financial advisors (FAs) retires, firms have been forced to re-evaluate how they attract and retain top talent. Questions around the right balance of fee-based, salary and commission-based compensation are at the orefront of the discussion, even as new strategic and behavioral incentives are gaining momentum. Similarly, nprecedented access to industry information has given FAs and clients new insight into how firms are compensating advisors and has raised questions regarding whether their current approach should be updated.