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Middle East

I have been working in the Middle East marketing research for more than 18 months, and was wondering if I could be in touch with people with experience here to discuss many, many research related things.

Unfortunatelly there is no place, venue or scienficic circle to be attended. ESOMAR is virtually not existing...

Kind regards,



Hey Jacek,

I am in this line more than 10 years,,,,,,nice to see you.. you can email me at for more discussions.

Support/Frinds Sites

Welcome Jacek

Beside those who frequent this forum there are others that might be of interest to include the following (some tools specific and others more general):

My Web site also has some links

Statistical Services

Research in the Mideast

Jacek, there are a lot of really good discussion groups (or fourms) in LInkedin relating to Market Research (I belong to over 30 of them).

If your a member of Linkedin, do a search on groups, just type in "market research". If your not a linkedin member, them become one - it's free.

Best regards,

Nelson Davis
AIP Corporation
Best online panels in Asia, period

middle east

Jacek, feel free to contact me, nelson davis at

AIP covers he middle east for data collection. Perhaps we can answer some of your questions.

Best regards,

Nelson Davis

middle east research

Dear Jacek

i have worked at the mideast since more than 15 yrs.and i am open to disscuss for any topics you like too


Research on women in the middle east

I don't really know of many good websites. Being half-Syrian myself, I've found the main problem is a lot have an ethnocentric point of view. I would suggest a book called In Search of Islamic Feminism. It gives perspectives from Middle Eastern women's viewpoints.