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Shangai Focus Groups

Hi everybody,
I need to develop 4- 6 focus groups in China, possibly in Shangai. Two with adults and 4 with children from 8 to 14 years old.
I need to know what kind of demographics are taken into account for recruitment or what other criteria do I have to take into account. What kind of methods is used to recruit research subjects? How do they work, as members of a marketing research company or are they independent recruiters? How do they recruit, by computerized data bases or referrals?
We need to find information about education, entertainment and ecology, trying to understand habits, motivations, ideas, and points of view about these themes. Taking into account this information during the first focus groups, branding staff would develop a concept that would be probe with the other groups. So, the second question is about the convenience of realize this focus groups by an occidental moderator or by a local moderator?
The third question is about field services. How are conducted the focus groups, in hotels, living rooms of office suite?. What are the characteristics of the viewing room, are Closed TV Circuits used?
Finally is easy to find a marketing research company with a good qualitative orientation, that can handle all this situations.

I´ll be grateful if you respond and give me information to all my questions.


Focus Group Facility Directory

I don't have the answer to all your questions, but I suggest you use the following link to locate firms in China and ask them those questions directly:,10550,10549,10551,18139,10393,10395,16177&ct=8

Shanghai Focus Groups

Hi Patricia,

I would like to show you a great way to get international reach and gain better insights at more cost and time efficient rate. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Very best,


Simultaneous Interpretation

Hi Patricia
If you need interpretation for the research, please feel free to contact me.

Advantage of Shangai Focus Groups

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a population of nearly 25 million people and growing. One of Asia’s most influential business cities, Shanghai has Mainland China’s leading stock exchange and is a leading transshipment point in the global economy.In September – during his quarterly trip to Asia-Pac, our CEO Bart Van den Mooter is scheduled to visit Singapore (trying to avoid the F1 circus), Shanghai and Beijing. On his agenda are a series of visits to local healthcare experts and customers. The purpose of the trip is to stay in tune with the recent changes in the national Medtech market context, to build new contacts and to understand the emerging needs of our customers.