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Latin American Data Sources

I need to find out # of hospitals and various procedures done in Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Columbia) and Mexico. Does anyone know of some FREE or inexpensive sources of this data?

A possible source of information about hospitals

Hi Sandy,

Am not sure if you are still looking for this information. You may click on this link from google answers as I found answers to what you are looking for. It is free. There is a source you can write to for more upto date information and also specifics of the procedures you want information on.
Write to dorland healthcare and see if you get more info. I think it should be free, depends on their policy.

Ashish Maheshwari

Latin American Data Sources

As they debate legalization for illegal immigrants, Senators would do well to keep in mind the most recent data on welfare use by the people in question. According to the Department of Homeland Security, nearly 60% of illegal aliens are from Mexico and 80% of the total are from Latin America as a whole. A Center for Immigration Studies analysis of 2006 Census Bureau data, which includes legal and illegal immigrants, shows use of welfare by households headed by Mexican and Latin American immigrants is more than double that of native households.
Among the findings:


51% of all Mexican immigrant households use at least one major welfare program and 28% use more than one program.
– 40% use food assistance, 35% use Medicaid, 6% use cash assistance.

45% of all Latin American immigrant households use at least one welfare program and 24% use more than one program.
– 32% use food assistance, 31% use Medicaid, 6% use cash assistance.

20% of native households use at least one welfare program and 11% multiple programs.
– 11% use food assistance, 15% use Medicaid, 5% use cash assistance.

Among Mexican and Latin American households, welfare use is somewhat higher for households headed by legal, as opposed to illegal, immigrants. Thus legalization will likely increase welfare costs still further.

90% of Mexican and Latin American households have at least one worker. Their heavy welfare use reflects their low education levels and resulting low incomes – and not an unwillingness work.
– 61% of all Mexican immigrants have not graduated high school.
– 48% of all Latin American immigrants have not graduated high school.