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Trust is the "Hot Button Issue" for Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear

Just a heads up for retail researchers... we've just completed our 2010 Most Engaged Customers report, which surveyed over 5,000 customers to determine which brands are winning more customer engagement. If you (or your customers) are interested, you can find out more at

customer engagement

Customer engagement is one of todays key research issues and can be defined as first, a psychological process of the customer that leas to the formation of loyalty. Second, a customer's behavioral manifestation towards a brand or a firm, beyond purchase, resulting from motivational drivers and third, a psychological state that is characterized by a degree of vigor, dedication, absorption, and interaction. Customer engagement can take place in an offline or online environment whereas online customer engagement has gained increasing attention due to the rise of social networking sites. Especially social networking sites, namely facebook give companies the chance to engage their customers and potential customers to greater interaction. As empirical studies of customer engagement behaviour on social networking sites are still scarce, the contributions of this study are as follows: First, a conceptual model for the measurement of antecedents and consequences of customer engagement is introduced. Second, a set of measures to capture the antecedents, level of customer engagement and consequences is developed. Third, the moderating effect of customer engagement on the brand image – brand loyalty relationship is tested.