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Are you aware of Allen Solly's Colour Lab App? If yes, what is your opinion about it?

We want to know the general market perception and opinion about the Colour Lab concept that was launched by Allen Solly in India in 2013.

Please spare a few minutes to reply. It would mean a lot to us :)

About Market Perception and opinion about colour lab concept

General Market perception: Market perception plays a big role in the success of a company. Apple knows this well. With the release of its iPad 2 and its iPhone 4S, Apple sales and profits skyrocketed, making 2011 Apple’s best year to date. Such results are even more impressive for a company that did not own one essential patent a year ago for 4G telecommunication standards. Apple’s marketing strategy and name brand have made it a success in the eyes of the public. Brand image in this case has trumped the advantages patents afford many companies. Patents play an important role by protecting monopoly and offering superior rights in the event of willful infringement. While Apple lags behind other companies with awarded patents, it showed the greatest increase from the previous year at 94%. However, sometimes the market does not care how much intellectual property a company owns; it cares more about how a company plays the field. As Apple continues to find ways to stay ahead of its competitors (patents, superior marketing, branding, innovative products, etc.), its success will likely continue.

About Colour Concept: One Stop Corner Shop, Gift Shop & Cafe. The Colour Lab is one of those concept stores you go to when you are looking for all things nice under one roof.From product to produce, the array of colour presents an inspiration to any shopper on a hunt for something special. The store retails gadgets and gifts, packaged and fresh produce as well as art and pretty things for the home. The staff are as vibrant and energetic as the shop itself and are always attempting to make your experience here a good one. Upstairs is the workshop, where a range of motivational therapies such as vision board classes take place. The cafe at the rear of the store offers some fantastic food ranging from healthy breakfasts to yummy lunches and even some delightful picnic hampers if you feel like heading outdoors.