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Ethnic/Racial Groups for Canada

I need to understand how to ask race/ethnicity for a phone survey of Canadians. What categories should I include?


Major Ethnic and Racial Groups in Canada

In the major cities about half the people are non european immigrants. Outside of that it's still mostly white people, with a bigger aboriginal population in the North. According to Wikipedia--

The largest ethnic group is English (21%), followed by French (15.8%), Scottish (15.2%), Irish (13.9%), German (10.2%), Italian (5%), Chinese (4%), Ukrainian (3.6%), and First Nations (3.5%); Approximately, one third of respondents identified their ethnicity as "Canadian.[2] Canada's aboriginal population is growing almost twice as fast as the Canadian average. In 2006, 16.2% of the population belonged to non-aboriginal visible minorities.

I don't get why I'm getting thumbs down for a factual answer. What's wrong with people?