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How to measure POS lift or Effectiveness?

How do you effectively measure the lift or effectiveness of a Point of Sale display/Ad?

Measure score in a five point scale

Most of the items presented in this toolkit are designed to be used with Likert-style response categories. Commonly, studies using these items have utilized three-point or five-point response categories. Five-point response categories include: strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree/not sure, disagree, and strongly disagree. Using five options enhances the variability of responses and permits a greater understanding of the nuances in stigma. However, five options can be difficult for survey respondents to respond to, particularly for respondents with limited literacy skills. In these circumstances, using a three-point response scale can be a good alternative. The three-point scale includes: agree, partially agree/not sure, and disagree. This option permits more variability and nuance than a simple yes/no response, but is more intuitive for respondents and easier to administer than the five-point option.