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Laddering technique

Can anyone simplify laddering technique applying to focus group.
I read through, but still not clearly understand the step by step process.

Laddering wrt FGs

Thavira, I have done 100s of FG and in all honesty haven't heard this term related to FGs before.

However, if it can be related to quantitative research's use of laddering it suggests the asking of questions that rotate around a particular subject but altering the phrasing a bit so as to focus more on the real question. One can learn a lot as to how the decision process takes place.

Laddering in quantitative consumer research generally is associated with pricing studies whereby you ask repeated pricing questions, e.g., low to higher or visa versa. While a viable approach it does have a lot of "dis-approvers" of the technique, to include myself.

Anyway, back to FGs. The set of questions might become more detailed in content.