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Web scrubbing

My company (a not-for-profit) is trying to develop a series of new educational/training products for the engineering/manufacturing space. The trouble is we have a limited known universe (our database is small and over-researched already) relative to the whole universe (all manufacturing professionals including engineers). I need a way to scrub the web monitoring the level of chatter/blog/tweets and searches for the topics that my target audience is searching for.

Besides Google and its suite of products, does anyone know of some good sites/services that offer robust web scrubbing services?



Web scrubbing = Social Media Mining

On our site we call Web scrubbing "Social Media Mining"

Here is a list of marketing research companies that indicated they specialize in offering this service.

Web scrubbing

Thanks Dan, but Quirks is the first place I looked. Just wanted to see if there was anything else out there.

Thanks again.

Web scrubbing

Hello, I know it has been a few years since you posted this but how did it end up for you? Did you find a web scrubbing company and did they meet your expectations?