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Heavy Industrial buying influences

Having some trouble convincing agency management that his many decades of knowledge about particular industry buying influences might not be enough now, as our clients are demanding more in the way of feedback on campaigns, branding initiatives, etc. He feels he just "knows" the market and that research on how the buying influences make their decisions, what keeps them up at night, etc. isn't necessary to creative development. How can I sell the fact that it might be a great service to our clients to provide this information, plus we can make money on research ourselves? We're a small B2B ad agency in dallas.

Good Luck

My initial thought is to wish you Good Luck, if only because anyone who is so convinced that they have all of the answers is probably suffering from a severe case of hubris.

You may have some luck if you can find a couple of data points in the public realm that are directly counter to the beliefs that he holds.

The other key strategy to use is to appeal to greed. If you can develop the business case for making money from the research, then he might be more willing to look at the possibility.