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Legal Advice

A survey was conducted which showed up some companies in a negative light. Consequently, they are stating the survey process was flawed. To protect my company reputation I am seeking legal or professional consultation to assist in my rebuttal. Can anyone advice me of a non-profit organization or anyone who may be able to assist me? General advice would also be helpful

If your research is sound, then the problem is theirs

It sounds to me like the firms that came out poorly are not really interested in learning anything about their own firms. No one likes to hear negative feedback but the whole point of research is to get intelligence about the marketplace, your products, positioning etc.

If you are only interested in hearing the positive results then your company will never grow to understand the market or customers.

Perhaps you can show these companies that your research is sound. If your research practices were sound they should be thanking you for the insight.

Perhaps you can try and use this as an opportunity to educate them about the value of research.

I think that sticking with your results and not being swayed when the results don't meet others expectations is the best way to maintain your reputation.

Seek Professional Help


You may have some luck contacting the marketing department department of a local university and seeking the help of a marketing professor. My market research professor is also an expert witness and testifies in trials where the methodology of a firm is under question.

Legal Advice

Not sure I've ever seen survey results that didn't make somebody or something look less than perfect. This seems to be an occupational hazard: when the results are negative, the research gets attacked; when the results are positive it was a great piece of research. I'm curious what they're saying is flawed about the survey process?

Confirm that research was sound

I agree with all of the other comments. I would also stress that the key is to be sure that the research methodology and execution of the project were sound and defensible. If they were and the study was conducted in good faith, I'm not sure why legal issues would be of concern.


Seek Professional Help

Good Reply by jason R.Hinton