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Cold calling businesses to participate in market research

I am doing research on a behalf of a client into potential new markets for the client's product. To enhance my secondary research, I was asked to include feedback from potential customers regarding whether or not they would buy the client's product.

All sales are B2B, so taking a clipboard to the mall will not help. Instead, it was suggested that I call large companies and ask for "job title."

I have nothing to offer in exchange for their participation (no money, survey results are proprietary). I cannot reveal the name of the client and the client wrote the survey questions. It is assumed that "job title" will gladly participate in a 20-30 minute market research survey with a company they have no relationship with.

I have been instructed to gather 15 responses and given a time frame of 48 hours (this includes all secondary research as well).

Is this reasonable? I have my own opinions, but need authoritative sources to back me up.

Business Calls

Sounds tricky. Based on my experience, you are going to have to put in around 75-100 man-hours on the phones to get 15ish completes like this, so you'll need a bank of at least 5 trained people dialing 8 hours each day to get there.