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Advice on diary study

It is likely that I will do a diary study of bike riders' experiences on the bus system (specifically to find out where and what proportion of the time they find the bike rack full and can't board), and I'd appreciate your advice on making this work. I've not worked for Nielsen, but believe there must be methods of encouraging thorough recording and encouraging completion of the diary.

My current concept is to distribute weekly diary forms (both paper and by email) to members of bike rider organizations and to the Metropolitan Planning Organizations's email list of bike riders. Ask them to log all their bus rides with a bike, and then we will map the boarding / alighting locations, routes, times where they have this problem.

Yes, this will be a volunteer sample, not equal probability of selection.
And the squeaky wheel will get the grease. Problem right now is, we are fairly sure it needs grease but we don't know how much or where it's dry.

Bike riders are a very low incidence group ( less than1% of ridership) and the cost to gather this information on a large number of boardingand alighting experiences using a questionnaire or an interview administered at the stop would be prohibitive.