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Importance vs effectiveness GAP Analysis

Hi all, looking for guidance in how to construct a gap analysis using correlation. I have several attributes measured on likert scale of importance and effectiveness. I took means of the attributes and overall means of the importance and effectiveness variable across all cases/respondents and plotted them on an XY diagram. My question is, is there a more rigorous way to conduct gap analysis (using correlation of the gaps etc) other than plotting averages?

GAP Analysis

Nope, GAP analysis is actually pretty basic, albeit a very good model for descriptive purposes. Doing the cross-plot of the means is the general approach though depending on what else is available there is an 'indexing' approach that I use effectively. A paper was published in Quirks and found here

You will have to adapt as appropriate

Indexing GAP

Hi William,
I found interesting the indexing approach and just wonder about its statistical validity. Is there any article explaining this?

Importance vs effectiveness GAP Analysis

It is almost the end of the year and time for a much needed break. But before you head off for some relaxation and holiday fun, we’re going to help you make 2015 your organization’s best year yet. It’s time to identify your company’s strengths and work on its weaknesses by conducting an end-of-year gap analysis.

Gap Analysis: A gap analysis is your ticket to learning the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, product, or offered services.