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Importance vs effectiveness GAP Analysis

Hi all, looking for guidance in how to construct a gap analysis using correlation. I have several attributes measured on likert scale of importance and effectiveness. I took means of the attributes and overall means of the importance and effectiveness variable across all cases/respondents and plotted them on an XY diagram. My question is, is there a more rigorous way to conduct gap analysis (using correlation of the gaps etc) other than plotting averages?

GAP Analysis

Nope, GAP analysis is actually pretty basic, albeit a very good model for descriptive purposes. Doing the cross-plot of the means is the general approach though depending on what else is available there is an 'indexing' approach that I use effectively. A paper was published in Quirks and found here

You will have to adapt as appropriate

Indexing GAP

Hi William,
I found interesting the indexing approach and just wonder about its statistical validity. Is there any article explaining this?