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role of generational cohort analysis in understanding purchasing behavior

i have started making synopsis for my above mentioned research topic can anyone help me know which study design will best suit this topic. I am quite confused between cohort study and comparative study. plz take some tim of yours and help me.

Me Too

Cohort generally describes like classes but really need more to add to my reply

role of generational cohort analysis in understanding purchasing behavior

Let me give a brief example of what I understand to be generational cohort analysis:

Look up the Pew Research Center's studies on news media, which have tracked news media consumption for decades.
Among their conclusions is not only that consumption of news by newspaper is down, but that total news media consumption is down.
Older generations are more likely to read the newspaper, younger ones more likely to use Internet sources.
If you examine their tables you should conclude that the decline of the newspapers is not a case of the older folks dying off and being replaced by younger ones with different news consumption habits. The decline has taken place INSIDE the age cohorts.

Generational Cohort Analysis

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