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Customer Research B2C


I have got a business problem and would need some help from you.

I am currently looking at a Customer Satisfaction project and at this stage I am just putting forward research ideas to tackle the project.

I do not have a very detailed brief from the client but it is for a furniture manufacturer whose product (chairs) are sold through various retailers across the UK. They have got a very large database of customers. Senior management now wants to understand customers' experiences and satisfaction levels, more precicely how satisfied the customer is with the product after purchase. How would you tackle this?

I would like to suggest a standard customer sat study at product (e.g. met expectations, it is as seen on webiste/promised/ordred etc...) and service (during and after purchase e.g. delivery on time, goods not damaged etc) level. What do you think?

I am thinking of an online survey to email to customers who would have ordered and received products in the last month or so... For that option, I would however need to worry about sample size etc whereas a paper questionnaire attached to e.g. the invoice on delivery day w/ freepost envelope might work better.

I also think it should be a tracker so perhaps a quarterly study

Their customers are typically ABC1 45+. It is Consumer, not B2B.

Can I have your thougthts and precious knowledge to help?? Any ideas, feedback on similar projects you have carried out would be extremely useful to me

Many thanks


GAP Analysis

You might look into this as well as repeat business indicators and loyalty. I published a paper in Quirk's on the subject that might be of interest.

You may contact me directly if you like

Statistical Services


Comment: Customer Research B2C


I wish that you should mine the customer database to understand their customers and purchase and other factors with the help of either MS Excel/Access. This will give an edge to you to reinstate the necessity of conducting CSAT tracker study to your client and also it might throw up few interesting metrics to determine your actual sample size to conduct CSAT study on a whole.For example, the data mining will help you to understand/explore the different metrics like repeat customers, left customers, current customers , amount of purchase etc.

I feel to have an online survey tweaking a little bit on the questionairre for each segment - repeat, current, left/lost and future customers etc. This in turn will help you to craft your business decisions sharply after conducting the final study and at the time of report presentation/submission.

CSAT tracker is the best option as you suggested(quarterly) but please make sure that the questions are prepared to create CSAT index among different segments(repeat/lost/current/future) using top 2 box and satisfaction/importance rating measuremnt scales....

The idea behind suggesting data mining ensure your client that you are not alone a Market Researcher but also will imbibe the thought of Consultant and also will help you to build long term relationship with your client.

Please excuse me that if my answers are little lengthy...

And please let me know your inputs and hope this is helpful to you at the end of the day...

Thanks in advance,

Venkatesh Raman


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