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Ethnographic Suppliers

I'm looking to do a rather large Ethnographic study. I work in the food industry. Does anyone have any suggestions for suppliers they've worked with?

Thank you-

Ethnographic Research Practice

Hi Suzanne: I have been practicing qualitative research for the past 20 years, the last 10 have been spent specializing in ethnographhic research in the FMCPG area. Ihave a Master's in Social Research, I have worked with many types of target groups from watching kids shop with their moms in supermarkets, to seeing how moms organize their home offices and kitchens. I would love to talk in more detail with you about your project -- perhaps even to suggest some ideas you haven't thought of. Please feel to contact me at any time -- I look forward to hearing from you!

Shelli Reichwald
Invision Market Research
mobile: 516.754.8906

Ethnography - the options are boundariless


I have been in your position, working on beverages and then exploring mutliple retail environments. Although I am back on the supply-side now, I would be happy to talk through some suggestions for suppliers, and even techniques based on your business question(s). I usually find that based on the level of exploration required, and the overall information needed, the process can be shaped accordingly.

Feel free to give me a call. I run a small office for Interbrand in Dallas. I think ethnographic research is truly impactful since it can touch all aspects of marketing - from packaging, to messaging, to in-store effectiveness to branding...don't hesistate to call, I will only pitch our work if you ask.

Mike Weber
ph: 214-259-4478
cell: 937-554-1001

Hi Susanne -

If your research project extends to Europe and Asia-Pacific, you might want to talk to SolutionSync in Zug, Switzerland, The company is specialized in Ethnographic Research and has a multi-lingual team of social anthropologists who conduct field work in EMEA and A-PJ.

SolutionSync Ltd.
Tel. +41219812915

Ethnography Research

Hi Suzanne,

If your any research project extends to India, you can talk to Technopak Advisors, Mindscape.You can also visit our website, The company is specialized in Ethnographic Research and has a team of experts and researchers who conducts consumer insights and research related work in India

Tel. +919818074542

Ethnographic Suppliers

I Suggest you that you may contact Stratistics Market Research Consulting Services. They are providing the sevaral research services like All Industry Reports , Anlaytics market research.