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Online Qualitative Research Recommendations Needed

We are considering doing some qualitative research online, instead of using in-person focus groups. Can anyone recommend some companies that offer online bulletin boards and/or online focus groups? What should we be looking for in online research services as compared to facilities-based focus groups?

Online Qualitative Research Recommendations

Hi Catherine,

Given the cost and time benefits, online focus groups and bulletin boards can be extremely effective in producing the results needed for certain types of projects. Online focus groups and online bulletin boards each have their benefits and drawbacks, though, so it is worth it to consider each and make sure you select the method that best matches your overall objectives.

We primarily use a company called iTracks, which we believe has the best tool for conducting these types of groups online. Their product is used by many (and is private labeled by research companies as well). It allows easy use by the moderator and easy participation by clients as well. I'd be happy to discuss our experiences in more detail if you'd like. I have a market research company that coordinates and executes projects like this from end to end. We do a lot of standard focus groups and ethnography research for consumer products companies as well, so I'm familiar with the benefits of each.

Finally, I should also mention that you may want to consider the ways you will be recruiting participants for the groups. It's a component that many people forget about. There are many options, though.

I'm available by phone or email. Good luck.

Greg Schmitz
KeyStat Marketing, Inc.
(303) 260-7779

Methods are key

Hi Catherine,

Here at Lextant we've used our own online engagement platform called PRIME to cultivate insight from participants, especially in remote cases, and then we often recap with Adobe Connect or Octopz.

There are a wide range of tools online to connect with participants.

Success varies depending on what you're after. Are these online qual methods better than focus groups, that's a question that is all the rage lately.

It all depends on what you need to get. There are dozens of tools online but few comprehensive methodologies to collect, analyze and pull out what you need.

I would definitely suggest you try and strive for some measure of connective feel with participants- be it video or audio, these modes tend to force participants into realizing that there's an interested party on the other end and they need to really give some info. Where as tools that keep the participant completely hidden allow them to slack a bit and edit what they say, and there for edit what you get.

If you'd like to know more, contact us and we'll give ya some additional info and help.


Dan (



I'm curious as to if your objectives require a group dynamic. If not, online one-on-ones like those offerd by iModerate can provide you with a quick and cost-effective qualitative soulution. Moreover, this solution is a bit more flexible and is ideal for garnering feedback on sensitive subjects.

online qual

I've had great success with Invoke, for real time interaction of a relatively larger group ... when qual and quant can help guide direction

Q2 Online Focus Group Sessions

Our horse in this race is called "Q2". It's a combined qual-quant research platform that has been extremely successful, especially with media testing. Please see ... for more information and client testimonials.

Jeff Hayes, PhD
Stratalys Research

Online Focus Group sessions

Try purchasing your own online focus group software.-- Offers both focus group and BBS programs. No download necessary for customers. Developed by a twenty year veteran of Market Research. Has everything you need. Own it outright- put your logo on it. No leasing or yearly fees.

Owner of Crusader Services
InterQue Online Focus Group Software