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Response rates from lists of email adresses

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has experience in runing online surveys amongst lists of email adresses - what is the response rate that you usually get when using this type of sample resource compared to panel resources?


Email Lists

IMHExperience be very careful of the source. Many simply run an email extraction program, available on the Web, that is abusive and intrusive in its acquisition - Go to a reliable source who started as a primary sample resource.

Panels are good if, again, obtained and managed properly so, again, check the source.

Response rates from lists of email addresses

We use customer lists to solicit participation in online studies quite frequently. With a branded email sent to customers, we get an average completion rate of 4% to 6%. If we offer an incentive, it can be as high as 8%. If the study is unbranded or your list is not a customer list, I would expect 2%, based on my experience.