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Response Rates for Customer Supplied Lists

I have a client that is asking about response rates. Her company sends out a monthly newsletter which has a 26% open rate. Anyone have any idea what her open rate might be on a survey sent to the same list? Beyond that, any idea what percent of completes we might get? Thanks a lot. JD

Open Rate

Can you explain?

If means readership rate then that would be difficult, IMHO, to translate into response rate since both are generally "self-interested." That is, self-selection - if interested then will do or select myself to participate.

How would you deliver the survey?

Response Tracking for Customer Supplied Lists

What type of system is your client using to send the newsletters? The reason I ask is that some systems allow you to track the areas interested reader navigate toward, as well as, who has NOT opened to document. This allows for cleaning your database and surveying based on interest.