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Dyad/Triad Interviews - when to use?

I am researching common uses and scopes of dyad and triad interviews and why they may be more effective than a standard focus group or one-on-one interview.

Does anyone have some insight on when you have used them? What segments of the population are good candidates for this type of research?

Dyad/Triad Interviews


I checked our article archive and found three examples of articles that mention the use of dyads. Here are their respective Quirk's article IDs:




(That was a search using the term 'dyad.' Searching under 'dyads" turned up even more!)

It appears that at least with dyads, they can be used in many settings and with many market segments, from kids to B2B!

Joe Rydholm
Quirk's Marketing Research Review

dyads uses

Dyads are often used when you have two people that make a purchase decision together -- like spouses that buy a car and make a joint want to interview them together.

Dyad/Triad Interviews

Good Information From You,