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Hard to reach audience

I have an experience in marketing research in Russia. We had faced a problem of 'hard to reach groups' recruiting. What are the ways of motivation the audience with a high income+? How do you recruit businessmen, owners of elite real property, politics etc. to give an interview or to participate in focus-groups?

Money is the best incentive

In my experience, highly paid professionals need money to compensate them for their time. If not money, you need to provide them with information or services that are worth lots of money.

Where do you find respondents of 'hard to reach group'?

Thank you for your reply. We do the same in Russia. I am just trying to find some differences between Russian and American or European approaches.
Where do you usually find respondents of 'hard to reach group' (except snowball)?
Where do you usually take interviews? Would people rather give an interview at the office, or they would prefer to talk at a restaurant, or at some other place?
How much time are they ready to spend for an interview?
How easily to make contact with them?/How easily do they go for a contact?
Do you keep in touch with respondents after an interview?