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Use of Social Networking Sites

Has anyone used a social networking site (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin) to launch a survey?


I've used Facebook and Twitter before to launch a survey.

Success varies on your network. You may often be better going with Mechanical Turk or taking the plunge on MarketTools to get quality results.

Its not that social networks don't serve up quality, its just that you depend on them "wanting" to do the survey more than a dedicated web panel or audience on mechanical turk would do.

MarketTools has dedicated folks, you pay for that recruit, you get assured response. Same with Mechanical Turk, you pay X, you get Y, however the quality of the response varies much like social networks do.

Success on social networks requires significant incentive and precise timing- especially on twitter where the minute you tweet something its dated in seconds and soon will be lost in the stream of content.

Linkedin is probably a good bet because its in that "professional" setting. I'm done some very simple polls and always got a fast response, however they were not involved surveys and they did not pay anything.

So success can be had, it just may be a bit tricky.

Need to know more, shoot me an email.


Dan (


Thanks for answering my question. This was very helpful. We typically use panels to conduct online research, but we were thinking of using the social sites. So you're saying you've used the social networking sites for mostly just polling?

From the other side...

I'm coming at it from another angle.
Almost as a by product of spam prevention, we have been collecting what seems to me pretty good market research from Youtube users with a special interest.
We have created a community where people will think about questions, then answer them honestly.
We can make it very difficult for people to use false identities, and we can get a lot of data from Youtube for cross referencing.
I'd like to work with someone who knows about MR and sell this data.
So can anyone advise me, is there a market for this sort of data, or should I just forget it?

surveys on Twitter and Facebook...

That's great it looks like it goes with my question of new media and market research.