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Suggestions for Research (Plan)

Hi everyone,

I have just joined a new company as a Research Manager, where I am in charge of developing a research plan for the web and direct business.

The company operates in the retail industry, consumer electronics more precisely; the strategy in broad terms is to continue to develop the retail proposition into a wider range of products and services and provide these products and services across multiple format stores and other channels.

So I have been tasked to look into research to serve the above strategy, focusing on the web business (own website but also other websites) and direct business (in-store experience)

I am coming from an agency background so this is my first role in the client-side/buy-side arena.

Current research includes use of the NPS methodology, customer satisfaction, and channel effectiveness programs.

If it was you, what would you suggest looking at? How would you go on about developing a research plan? What research areas would you focus on first?

Any help I can get would be very much appreciated

Many thanks