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reason for what do you think motivates others question construction

Hi all-

I’ve always thought the reason (or at least an important reason) for asking about the motivations of others in survey research was to mitigate social desirability bias.

But upon trying to identify a specific citation I’ve thus far come up blank.

Below I’ve excerpted discussion of an example on the particular issue of if the assumptions of managers about the motivations of employees are “correct.” But if my recollection of the reason to structure questions this way is accurate then these differences seem overblown.

Why We Misread Motives
by Gardiner Morse
The idea that we misjudge others’ work motivation in this way has cropped up in the literature before. Over the past 25 years, for example, the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago has conducted the General Social Survey, or GSS, a study that, as part of its focus, examined work issues. The survey asked a random sample of U.S. adults to rank the importance of five aspects of their jobs: pay, security, free time, chances for advancement, and the opportunity to do “important work [that] gives a feeling of accomplishment.” On average, respondents ranked important work highest, and pay third. But when asked what motivates other people, three-quarters said they thought that large differences in pay were needed to get people to work hard. And two-thirds thought that people would not take on additional responsibility at work unless they were paid for it.

Thanks in advance for your comments.