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Rationale for selecting research locations?

I'm looking for a guide to making decisions about how to select research locations/regions. Other tha general rules of thumb (Bay Area is tech friendly, South East is conservative) are their a good set of guidelines in order to rationalize where research should take place?


Ask for client input!

Good question, Doug.

Although we don't have an official checklist, there are a few questions we ask ourselves, and more importantly, our clients, when picking locations.

You've mentioned one of the first things to consider - the reputations of different regions (conservative vs. tech-friendly.)

We often ask our clients to help identify the most important characteristics to include - or try to minimize - and use those to choose regions. For example, for a hair conditioner product, is it important to exclude or include highly humid areas (Texas, Georgia) or very dry climates (Denver)?

We also ask our clients to reveiw their sales numbers - do we want to incldue or exclude their most successful or challenging regions, in terms of sales?

And finally, we often try to avoid doing research in major competitors' "backyard".

I suggest outlining the most important recruiting criteria, and working together with the client to identify the best markets to include (or exclude)!