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Survey Software

I am looking for a list of survey software solutions (eg. SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang, Vovici, etc).

I have my list of needs/wants, and would like to know if anyone has gathered the options out there. And perhaps even put a crosswalk of features to compare them.

Any help will be appreciated!

[on line] survey software

Such a list was very recently posted on a Linkedin group. I can't recall which one and I'm not sure that Quirk's wants us referring people to other forums - but it seems to have originated from Research Rockstar's blog on April 26th. Search for "QuestionPro? AYTM? SurveyGizmo? Zoomerang?"

i spent some time using the list, since i have an spplicable project.

It did not include features, but all those providers display their features and prices fairly prominently on ther web sites.
It did include providers who operate at widely varying leveles of sophistication. surveymonkey and zoomerang & others at the low end; Qualtrix at the high end.
Each one of these has various levels of features and volume that you can buy into. Free is generally pretty useless for commercial application, merely a teaser.

On the other hand Listio did compare a few of these side by side. Search for the headline
" Comparing Survey Applications: Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey, FluidSurveys, and MySurveyLab "

Quirks compares research survey software

I used the list found in Quirks software directory.

If you search the directory by WEB INTERVIEWING Software you get a list of software and a comparison of features.