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Automatic Dialers????

Do any of you use a dialer?

Telephone Facilities

In general most research companies outsource their telephone interviewing. Telephone interviewing facilities may use automatic dialers or predictive dialing software but it isn't something a researcher without their own telephone fafcility would own. I believe that the majority of studies conducted by telephone are to a more targeted audience.

Most outsource

I agree that most market research companies outsource their telephone interviewing. The phone bank will have the equipment necessary and will be able to advise you about their capabilities.


Automatic Dialers

The really good research companies will have their own in-house phone banks and not have to outsource this function.

An automatic dialer also helps keep costs in line with what the bid is and "pushes" interviewers to work at capacity.

Dialers and outsourcing

Automatic dialers are great when you have a large survey and really can create huge efficiencies. On the downside, if the receiver of a phone call hears a puase when they answer, they often hang-up thinking it is a solicitation.

I don't agree that the "best" firms have their own telephone facilities. I think the "biggest" firms do.

Twenty years ago you needed your own phone facility and your own focus group room to be considered a legitimate research firm --but now most research firms outsource --and there are plenty of good facilities to choose from.

Types of Automatic Dialers

Ya! I have use the Dialers. In this we are having 3 types of dialers. Those shown Below...

1. Progressive: Progressive dialling offers similar productivity to predictive dialling whilst removing the risk of abandoned/silent calls

2. predictive: Predictive dialling is the most productive form of dialling automation.

3. power: Power dialling (or power dialler) is probably the dialling term that causes most confusion.