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Online questionnaire templates - flash and other fancy versions

Hi - Does anyone know of any tools in the industry, or custom shops that can create attractive online questionnaires? With drag/drop functionality, etc. All the basics of survey logic need to be enables as well. thanks

Online Survey Tools

This is an open-ended question in that the various answers can go on forever.

There are online options like Survey Monkey and Zoomrang (sp?) as well software that can apply design templates ( so take your pick

Respondent Engaging Surveys

Hi Mari--

My organization has extensive experience creating engaging respondent surveys using tools such as Flash. Please feel free to review the website at "" and reach out if you have questions.


Great Survey Software

Vovici is a very easy to use software that can create customized questionnaires. It has the drag and drop functionality, ability to upload images and videos to the questionnaire, etc. It also has a very easy to use survey logic. Great product and is scaleable to the organization based on their needs.