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Tool to show survey logic to programmers


My company has several very complex surveys with dozens of branches and in some cases hundreds of questions across all of the branches. We use an outside vendor to program and field these surveys (CATI or Online).

We are really struggling with how to give the questions and logic to the survey programmer in a reasonable fashion. We are using MS Word now, but the document is very messy and errors in logic and programming are numerous and difficult to find.

Does anyone know of any good software (or maybe MS Word add-on; I don't think forms are the solution) just to design surveys showing the logic for branches rather than fully program them?

I would like (I think) to sort of view the survey as a bunch of objects (as in object-oriented programming languages) that can be called by methods in some sort of way that can be easily tracked and show to others.

Flow Chart

I recognize that you posted this some time ago, but I suspect that you need to make a good flow chartt, probably using a package like Visio or SmartDraw.

flow charts

+1 on Smartdraw