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Dairy Farmers

Has anyone been successful in recruiting multiple dairy farmers to come together for a mini group or focus group? How did you do it? Where (both geographical location and venue)? When (time of year and time of day)? Is anyone aware of a conference or trade show that attracts dairy farmers?



Dairy Farmers


The answers to all your questions are yes. There is a major dairy trade show coming up in Madison link to:

The location of "where" to conduct interviews with dairy farmers depends entirely on what type of dairy farmer you want to reach. Are you interested in Northeast, Midwest, Texas, California, or PNW diarymen? There are distinct differences between dairymen in each region of the country.

"When" is virtually any time of year that they are not cutting alfalfa, planting or harvesting other crops. I've conducted them at all times of the year, but it depends what geographical market you are interested in.

Good luck.

Dairy Farmers

Thank you for the insights...your feedback has been very helpful...the client's final decision has been a shift in segment focus...but should they circle back to their original request...I'll be in touch since you seem to have the ability to find the potential participants they had been seeking and may seek again!