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Is it me or is it the economy?

I can't seem to be able to find a full time position supplier side. I have over 3 years of experience, fluent in Spanish. Degree in Psychology and About to complete MR certification course.

Market Research Job openings down for all of 2009

The economy has certainly taken its toll on the market research industry. The Web site used to have more than 700 market research job openings and now it is always around 200. Since it is free of charge to post on, it likely has everything to do with the state of the economy.

On the bright side...things seem to be looking up.

Will 2010 be any better?

Thanks for the info, Dan. Do you think spring 2010 might bring the jobs back to the industry? A lot of my friends in the industry lost their jobs and have been looking for months. Looking out of state doesn't seem to help much either.

2010 will be better for marketing research

From what I am hearing from research companies is that research spending does seem to be increasing. I suspect their will be a lag in hiring. I'll know more by the end of next week after I attent The Market Research Event.

If I had to make a prediction today, I would expect that by October 2010 we will see 400 to 500 job posting on our site...which is down from the 700+ we had 15 months ago but up from the 200+ we have today. I might even be on the low side. I get the impression there are a lot of people just itching to switch jobs as soon as the market improves -- so even if the job market does not improve completely, we might see a game of employment "musical chairs".

Still nothing

Dan, any updates on the current situation? I just finished my marketing research certificate from DePaul in Chicago. A few research companies contacted me saying the received resume and were interested but they are just not ready to start hiring. It's been 7 months trying to land a job.

Validity of an MMR degree and job opportunities

Hi M Reyes,

I hope you had some luck in finding a job? I am in the process of deciding which programmes to opt for and am interested in knowing what made you choose a certificate course from De Paul. Did you have any other considerations?
What kind of salary differences exist between degree and certificate courses?
Does one stand a chace of being placed by doing a degree programme MMR? Any particular college/ university stand out as favorites amongst hiring managers for our field?

I know its a lot I am asking but it would help if someone were to shed light on these questions for me and anyone else who goes through this forum in future.

I sincerely thank you in advance for replying

Ashish Maheshwair

sales growth for MR agencies?

Dan, Thanks for the info on the activitiy at Quirk's job postings. If it's still too soon to talk about increased job postings, I was wondering if you have any info about increased sales activity by market research suppliers.
-Michael Hollon

Market Research Firm Hiring

According to our recent Marketing Research Salary Survey which will be published in our July Issue:

--33% of respondents of the Research Client-side said it is somewhat likely to very likely that they will be hiring additional marketing research employees in the coming year.

-- 64% of respondents at research companies said it is somewhat to very likely that they will hire additional marketing researchers. In fact 33% of this group indicated it is very likely.

Hope that helps shed some light.

State of the Market

Keep current with Karen Morgan of Morgan Search and the current state of the Market:

Annual Market Research Reports Subscription Services

We offer Our Annual Market Research Reports Subscription Services to non-profit organizations, public libraries, and academic institutes with monthly or yearly subscription.For More Information: