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What are some ways to gain experience in Market Research?

I graduated with a degree in marketing and want to begin a career in market research. I have applied for entry level market research jobs with no luck. I have taken market research and consumer behavior classes in college, but have no work experience in market research. Does anyone know of some ways I can get experience in market research to make me a more appealing job candidate?

For experience -- Try Volunteering

A great way to gain some marketing research expereience is to offer your services to a non-profit organization. Perhaps you can help them develop a survey or conduct some focus groups for them. It is a great resume builder.

Morgan Search: Market Research Recruitment Firm

We are responding a bit late, but if you have any market research-related experience, we invite you to send a cover letter and resume to Morgan Search International specializes in the placement of Market Research professionals worldwide. Looking forward to hearing from you!