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IDI Pricing

Can anyone give me some perspective on how much to charge for telephone IDI's? The audience is small business owners. I'm planning on a $50 incentive for a half hour conversation but I am wondering what the "going rate" is to charge a client per interview. Does this cost include recruiting/scheduling of an interview or should I factor that in as a separate cost?

Thanks for your help.

IDI Pricing

Sorry, but what is IDI


I'm sorry... I should have been clearer. IDI = In-depth interview. These would be done via telephone.

IDI Pricing

All depends on subject, audience, length, ...

IDI Pricing

While of course it always "depends," I can tell you that I generally charge $100/interview if it's expected to be 30-45 minutes. I also charge $50 each if I have to schedule them, which has been pretty typical for B2B work I've done.

Additionally, I'll charge $2000-$2500 for the mod guide, analysis and reporting of the findings. Talking to a lot of people is one thing - figuring out what it all means is REALLY important.

Hope this helps!