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Focus Group Pricing

Hi, I am wondering how much you charge for your professional fees for focus groups? I charge $3250 each, and I have no idea if it is low, medium or high... Included in this is project management, screener development, mod guide development, moderating the groups and reporting. What do you charge, and what do you know about what others in the industry charge?
Many Thanks

Focus group pricing

As a client-
I note that we seem to get a better price on two or more sessions, if only because travel and wasted time are not doubled for the second group.

I take it that your $3250 does not include recruiting and the cost of the facility. In that context it seems a little high. However other things are also significant: Your level of skill, experience in the particular line of business being investigated, quality and extent of that reporting.
And even your region.

Ian Straus

FGD pricing

I advise to calculate based on cost to your agency [alternatively based on how price sensitive your client is]. I have developed a product that does that. It factors in all cost items, therefore shows you your bottom line and gives you an idea on what price level you will be competitive and profitable. There are several things to consider that I do not want to list here. You can google mrcosting and check the result. There is a list of cost items that should be considered every single time!
Kind regards,

FGD pricing

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