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Interested in joining hands

I am a Market Research Professional based in London.I work with a renowned MR Company ( )

We wish to exchange dialogue and explore feasibility of joining hands ( may be a joint venture ) with Individual researchers or small research companies in UK . Any one over there interested ?

For more information about us , visit our website at

I'm interested

I run competitions on, which generate between 300 - 1000 answers a month to MR questions.
We have created a community that encourages honest and well thought out answers.
We have checks to deal with multiple entries and bogus answers, and at present we get very few.
It is aimed at a specific high spending group - i.e. new DJs.
We can easily analyze answers by age, gender and country.
With a bit of effort we can do a lot more analysis.
We would like to work with a reputable MR company to make this research more credible and saleable.
As these answers are effectively a by product of spam prevention, the cost is very low.