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How does one analyze subconscious decision making?

I read an interview with Professor Zaltman from Harvard. He says that 95% of our mental processing occurs in the subconscious. Does anyone know about a tool in market research that reaches into the subconscious?

Zaltman Metaphor Elication Technique

I used Professor Zaltman's Metaphor Elicitation Technique for my Master's dissertation in Research Psychology. As with all "subconsious" studies, projective techniques work best when trying to understand how underlying mental processing work. Of course this is used in qualitative research more than structured questionnaires (quantitative research) in the realm of market research.

I suggest that you read more of Zaltman's work and the ZMET. Hope this helps.

Quantitative approach for analyzing subconscious decision making

Hi Ad--

There are several techniques available to measure what's going on in consumers' subconscious minds, ZMET is but one of them.

The approach I've been using is the only one, to my knowledge, that is quantitative & survey-based (can be easily conducted as an online survey), and is based on very robust scientific evidence (something that ZMET & many of the others lack). Being a quantitative-based approach helps tremendously in validating one's findings, and in making sure what you think you've found isn't merely statistical noise.

Best regards,

Charles Abramson, PhD
Existential Branding Solutions