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Is there interest in Market Research Books?

For several years, Quirk's has been toying with the idea of publishing some straight-forward, succinct books on various topics. The books would likely be the basics of research and designed for people new to the field. Although, they might be used as a reference guide for long-time researchers too. Topics might include statistics, survey design, moderating, choosing a research vendor etc.

Is there a need for this or do our articles suffice?

A small simplified statistics book

I would love to see a simple-straight forward book that gives stat formulas and simple explanations.

Good Possibilities

Dan, I participate on several research & statistical forums and such "primers" would fit well. I use the word "primer" instead of "book" since there are numerous ones already on the market but the abbreviated, topic oriented format does have potential.

If you need a reviewer on this do let me know.


RE: Book ideas

--What about a book that simply outlines different types of survey questions.

--A book that discusses focus groups and how to conduct them.

--A book about the basic of research, that could be given to clients and/or new employees.

Interest in market research books

Frequently asked questions on this and other forums do point to a need for a handy reference on that topic or topics. It wouldn't hurt Quirk's to publish that.

It would take some superior marketing to make such a book or books popular and widely used.

Need for the book

Recently we were trying to build a product based on Conjoint Analysis and we very much felt the need of a book or a guide that could help us bridge the gap between the practical utility and the theoretical knowledge (from statistics book)

The feedback is appreciated

Thanks everyone for the comments. If anyone else has topic suggestions just post them here. We will keep you informed if/when we decide to offer some books.

Need for the book

I think a simple and detail book about Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) would be a great idea, especially for qualitative data. Since book on Marketing Research is quite popular in the market already but not much on SEM. It's also easy to find document on internet how to do research.

Interest in Market Research Books

Assuming this line is still live; anyone out there read the book "The Art and Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence" by Smith and Fletcher? LOVED it - I highly recommend it especially for management who doesn't do MR for a living. Published by Wiley... and no I'm not on their staff : )


Absolutely. Suppliers can't tell you everything. I work on the client-side of the business. One of my very frustrating things is that I don't know the proper way to do certain studies like brand positioning. If a supplier bids on such a job, how do I know they're using best practice vs. creating their own approach? My second and equally important frustration concerns my internal clients. My company does not believe in training and yet I'm asked to be a consultant to my marketing partners on research. A quick reference is always handy to have such as different ways in which to define the management and thus the research problem with a client would be ideal. This is often hard to do but the most important step any researcher in a consulting role should know by hard.