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Does marketing research produce sales leads?

No, this is not a homework question! I have a co-worker who believes that marketing research should give him qualified "hot" sales leads (names and direct phone numbers of people who want to BUY). Why else conduct research?

How can I explain to him that an anonymous survey designed to aid in the creation of a marketing plan will not produce guaranteed "sell to me" leads?


Your post leaves me speechless. Glad I dont work for your company.

Does marketing research produce sales leads?

Two thoughts:
1) Ask your boss to explain the difference between research and advertising to the clueless guy.

2) If by some chance he IS your boss or has an impact on your job evaluation, get your resume on the street now.

Marketing is creating a product that sells itself

In my opinion (and I think this comes from Peter Drucker) the best marketing is creating a product that sells itself -- a product that people want to buy (think IPhone) -- and creating an environment that encourages people to buy.

The best way to make such a product and create such an environment is to understand what the customer needs and wants.You do this through research!

I would explain to your co-worker that your entire goal is to make it so that the product sells itself and that is better than a few hot leads.