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I was accused of manipulating data and falsifying information by a disgruntled internal stakeholder. Has anyone had to manage a situation like this?

yes, I have experience with those ethics issues

I'm sorry you are confronted by a disgruntled stakeholder. My experience with that may or may not help you. A major thing that greatly diffused any anxiety I felt about this sort of accusation was that on the same day that I was told by one internal stakeholder that they felt I was biasing the reporting of results in a particular direction, a different stakeholder told me he felt I was biasing the results also. But the second stakeholder felt I was biasing in the opposite direction that the first stakehold felt I was biasing. These two stakeholders held opposite opinions about a particular product development decision and the research that I presented went a long way toward helping make a final decision. But since each side felt I was favoring the other side, I think I must have done a good job of being fair and objective. My advice in your situation would be to share your proceedures, analysis files, raw data files, and other documents that may show your disgruntled stakeholder how you arrive at research conclusions. Chances are they will not want to wade too deep into the details of the analysis. (for many stakeholders that is too much like doing homework) But it will give them more of a sense that you are not subjectively biasing away from their point of view. econdly I would assure them that you have no vested interest in falsifying inforamation. Most researchers have a vested interest in "telling it like it is."
-Michael Hollon