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college education

I am fascinated by MR and I would like to get into something on the Qualitative side of things. Does it matter what your major might be? I was thinking that psych., soc. or anthropology would be good. You know...the warm and fuzzy stuff.
What could I do with that sort of background? Is that good grounding for questionaires, interviewing and focus groups and those sorts of areas? Thanks.

college education

Still out there? Don't see anyone else commenting, so I'll toss in my 2 cents. If you want to stick with qualitative, there are two main paths to choose from (maybe oversimplifying, but I think it's a good place to start): 1) Psych or Soc. would be good for understanding the why of consumer behavior - what makes people tick, reasons (stated and real) behind actions. Also good if you want to go with face-to-face research - focus groups, in-depth interviewing, etc. Anthro would be good if you want to fade to the background and observe behavior, particularly if you want to link back to macro behavior: ethnography. It's a subset in the qualitative field and it may never really catch fire as it takes a lot of time and effort to do it properly, but observing what people do in the context of where they do it - shopping, working, playing, etc. - can be highly revelatory.

OK, maybe this was three cents' worth...

college education

How about post-college ed.? I guess a Master's degree in something would be good. Communications or something similar, perhaps? I guess anyone who wants to do focus groups and interviewing and such should go to one of those institutes which train you for that sort of stuff too?
First job out of college should be...............................???
I live very close to NY city, as well as Princeton N.J., so they may be good places to start?