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Which market research education programs do you recommend?

Which marketing research degree programs do you find to be the best? Which certification programs? Do you think they have been important to your career?

Good MR programs and certifications

I have an MBA from the University of Georgia with a concentration in Marketing. This worked when I got hired by an MR supplier.

Then, I took the Principles of Marketing Research certification program offered by University of Georgia Continuing Education. It was a good program , online+textbooks, self-paced. The certificate was good for my career advancement and it also provides a point of reference for the major statistical analyses. If you're looking for something deeper though, this program is not for you.

I recently learned about the AMA's Profesional Certified Marketer certification. It looks a lot broader and more extensive as it doesn't focus on marketing research only, but the entire world of marketing. It also requires that you stay committed by attending seminars, writing articles, sitting on committees, etc. Looks pretty good!

Can you recommend other MR certification programs or courses? And most importantly, the ones that are not very expensive (unlike Burke's courses)?