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I am confused about choosing a college in Canada for a Market Research course

Hi I have shortlisted 2 colleges in Canada for a Market Research specialized course. One is Centennial and the other is Georgian.
Please see the Subjects that are offered by each of them and help me making a right choice..

Centennial college offers the following subjects

Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics
Marketing Analysis and Planning
Fundamentals of Marketing Research
Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics
Employment Preparedness
Database Mining and Analytics
Advanced Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics
Fundamentals of Interactive Marketing
Advanced Marketing Research
Research and Analytics - Capstone
Fundamentals of Project Management
Fundamentals of Project Management

Georgian College offers

Population and Demography
Survey Design and Analysis
Database Management
Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis
Research Communication Skills
Qualitative Research
Research Seminar
Advanced Statistical Procedures
Research Management Skills
Advanced Methods and Special Projects
Spreadsheet and Table Management
New Research Technology

Please help



Did you choose any of the course you had mentioned. I am also looking at these courses and wondering which one to do. let me know what you chose and did it help you


Marketing Research Course


I am currently studying at Algonquin College. The course and the college both are good and have exceeded my expectations.

Market Research Course

Market Research is the process of gathering the information about the social and opinion research of organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques.

Market Research may include several reports It can be Shown below
1. Advanced Materials Market Research
2. Energy and Power Market Research
3. Aerospace Market Research
4. Food and Beverage Market Research
5. Agriculture Industry Market Research
6. Healthcare Market Research
7. Chemicals Industry Market Research
8. Packaging Market Research
9. Electronics and Semiconductors Market Research
10.Telecom and IT Market Research

For More Information Visit: