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Recommend a facility with Auto capabilities?

Can anyone recommend a facility capable of accommodating cars?

Recommed a facility with Auto capabilities

Hi - all cars can accommodate a car seat as long as the manual of the seat does not prohibit it in certain seating areas.

Do you have your manual? Pull it out. Look at the "child restraints" section.

If your car is older then 2003, you must install the carseat with the seat belt. you do this by Locking the belt (look at youtube to find out how to lock out a seatbelt). If it's a center lap belt that tightens by pulling, you just pull it tight.

If your car is newer then 2003, then it is equiped with LATCH (Lower anchors and Tethers for children). These are little bars installed in the bite of the seat and allow you to install the seat using the included tether strap (included with the car seat).

No one method is safer then the other - and in fact, its safer to install in a center with a seat belt then outboard with latch. And sometimes, you just don't get a good install with the latch and its better to use the seatbelt. 90% of cars do not allow latch in the center position.