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Employment Opening

Qualitative Researcher

Location Classification: Chicago, Illinois

Position Type: Research/Project Director

Company Classification: Marketing Research Company

Hours/Schedule: Permanent Full Time

Base Salary: Other/Not Specified

Salary Comments: Depends on experience

Offered By:

Beall Research
333 N Michigan Ave Ste 628
Chicago, IL 60601-3990

Company Description:

Beall Research & Training specializes in strategic market research for Fortune 500 companies. We have conducted research on brand positioning and brand equity, determinants of customer loyalty and switching behavior, extendibility of brands, launches of new products and services and segmentations of consumers and businesses.

Job Description:
You will be responsible for designing, managing and moderating qualitative research. You will interact with clients and ensure that day-to-day client needs are being addressed. Types of tasks include writing screeners, managing recruiting agencies, conducting interviews, focus groups and writing reports that provide strategic directions for the client.
Job Requirements:
Must have:
Excellent communication skills—both verbal and written abilities
Good client-management skills
Ability to manage multiple projects at once
Proficient in PowerPoint
Additional Comments:
Hardworking, great orgranizational skills, team player and willing to learn.
Must be available to come into the office daily-Can not work remotely.
Name: Tammy Corrigan
e-Mail Address:

This posting was last updated on: April 29, 2015

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